Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A tribute to the Ship for World Youth 13th Program (2000)

Here's a little tribute I made 10 years ago of our amazing journey and to celebrate our enduring friendship :-) Sorry it took me (and the internet) so long to deliver it to you all.

I hope you enjoy it!

With our motto of 2(To) Our Own Ocean, we sailed from Sept. 9 to Oct. 24, 2000, for (49 days) to the following ports:
Japan (Harumi Pier)
Russia (Vladivostok, Sept. 9-10)
U.S.A. (Hawaii, Sept. 18-20)
Tonga (Nuku'alofa, Oct. 2-4)
New Zealand (Auckland, Oct. 8-11)
Singapore and Japan

With 252 participants on board with 117 Japanese and 135 participants from 12 other countries we sailed across the Pacific on the Nippon Maru Tokyo.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010